Tian Xi holding Wulin kindergarten

Company Details

Tianxi Holding Wulin Kindergarten is a private high-quality kindergarten invested and constructed by Tianxi Group in Huzhen. It started construction at the end of 2017 with a total land area of 9207 square meters and a building area of 13699 square meters. It has classrooms, professional classrooms, administrative offices, canteens, staff restaurants and garages. Facilities, plans to recruit 18 classes of 540 people.

The establishment of Tianxi Holding Wulin Kindergarten is a milestone in the development of Tianxi Group. It is also a flourishing age for the development of early childhood education in Huzhen. It can not only improve the construction of basic education facilities in Huzhen, but also promote the balanced development of compulsory education in the whole town, and fill in the private high-quality early childhood education. The blank of education will play a positive role in promoting the local economy.

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